Estate Preservation and Planning Workshop

You can join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have learned:

  • How new changes affect you.
  • How to use these changes to your benefit.
  • How to protect your estate from needless costs.
  • How to reduce or eliminate paying income tax on your social security income.
  • How to maximize your IRA with these changes.
  • How to maintain control of your estate through your life and after.
  • The difference between a will and a revocable living trust for planning purposes

Topics to be covered:

  • Controlling distribution of your estate
  • Tax reduction planning
  • Reducing income tax on social security
  • The pros and cons of wills and trusts
  • Long-term health care concerns
  • What happens to your estate when you die
  • Why avoid joint accounts
  • Protecting liquid assets from creditors
  • How to avoid probate
  • Avoiding guardianship
  • Annuities and life insurance for planning purposes